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Meeting you where you are right now......….making yoga accessible to all

My aim is to provide classes that are suitable for everyone - whether you are new to yoga, returning to yoga or you are a regular pradctitioner.

My Approach to Yoga Practice:

Classes are based on traditional hatha yoga with elements of seasonality to reflect the yearly cycle.

We, like all creatures on the planet, are affected by the energy and characteristics of each seasons on so many levels.

With seasonal yoga, the year moves through several phases, beginning with the rising energy in Spring, warming up to early Summer, 

peaking to the height of Summer, then dropping into late Summer then gradually turning to the harvest of Autumn and finally the reflective Winter season

before beginning the whole seasonal cycle once more with the rising energy and welcome new shoots of Spring. 

Class Structure:

Each class is therefore seasonally led and during class we coordinate movement with the breath to flow from one pose to the next (vinyasa flow).

We begin with a warm-up for mind and body, followed by practicing a series of postures (asanas), led by the breath.

Along with postures, we also practice seasonally led pranayama (breath control), and finish with a guided relaxation. 

During class I offer guidance, alternatives and modifications so that everyone can progress their practice safely at a pace that suits them.

With yoga. like so many aspects of our lives, patience is a virtue and as our relationship to the yoga practice deepens over time, with a regular practice,

the body and mind open gradually to be more flexible, adaptable, strengthened, mobile as well as energised, whilst also feeling calmed and soothed

My Intention:

That all students enjoy their yoga practice, however challenging, and everyone leaves class feeling better than beforehand, and benefits felt in daily life.

My intention is to hold space for each yoga student so they can fully experience the transformative effects of yoga for themselves.

As a result, this will in turn create a natural desire to continue practicing as a regular habit.

We each find our path way with yoga and it is a very personal one for each of us, always evolving, like all aspects of life.

If you are new to yoga, please contact me before attending class if you have any questions or concerns or would like a chat before coming to class. 

I look forward to meeting you on the mat. Namaste, Jane  

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