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Seasonal Hatha Yoga - Reflecting the energy of the season in our yoga practice

Spring: Being challenged & stretched into the new season. Foundation & rooting, focus on stability & strength, slow pace, working with the drishti (eye gaze), develop flexibility with hip opening sequences. Reflect the rising energy of Spring, developing new shoots.

Summer: This is the time to get warmed up for Summer, the season of maximum potential. Free up the connective tissue so the body can conduct both energy and information.  Give yourself time for deep & lasting release by repeating stretches, don't get over heated.


Late Summer: Transitioning to Autumn, a time to slow down, to create balance and comfort. Practice poses that develop core stability as well as strengthening your legs to support you and feel connected, improving balance & developing your centre.


Autumn:  Focus on opening and close the torso to stimulate and increase lung ventilation and practice twists to aid digestion. Postures to balance you so you can deal with your emotions and move forward. A time to let go of anything that does not serve you.

Winter:  Retention, reflection & introspection in order to regenerate & develop the imagination, yet retain a sense of curiosity and adventure. Repeat postures to go deeper into the body as the Winter feeling is of rest, renewal, depth and focus.

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